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For more than 4 years Chinese restaurant Happy PandaChinese restaurant Happy Panda offers the citizens and the visitors of Daugavpils to enjoy tasty traditional meals of Chinese cuisine.

The Chinese cuisine is more than 3 thousand years old. The first Chinese cookbook was composed 1.5 thousand years ago. In China, cookery was always considered an art, and the cooking was always taken very seriously.

The notion of having a snackThe notion of “having a snack” does not exist in China: the Chinese believe that food is sent by the heavens, and eat slowly, savouring every bite.

The Chinese cuisine primarily depends on the skillfulness of the cook. The diversity of dishes and their peculiar taste is achieved in many ways of product processing and mixing. The Chinese tradition considers that the meal must not only be tasty but also beneficial and even curative.

Китайцы любят совместные трапезыThe popularity of Chinese cuisine made the Chinese restaurants widespread across the globe. The dishes of the Chinese cuisine are very tasty and healthy; by eating them slowly, you will honour the Chinese traditions, the mastery of the cook, and your patience will be rewarded with the unique flavour combinations.

Our Chinese chef will see to that your time spent in Happy Panda restaurant will be worth it. Our exquisite dishes of the authentic Chinese cuisine are always made of freshest and qualitative products.
Wide array of dishes, hearty meals and the atmosphere of the traditional Chinese restaurant wait for you in the Happy Panda restaurant in Daugavpils, as well as in our branch in Lithuania.

Happy Panda will be happy to see you!